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Our Luxury Management Services

At MYKONOS AGENDA, we manage everything & take the stress out of renting your Villa in Mykonos Island. Our services are designed to be reliable, yielding the greatest value to owners.
The owner's role is only to sit back and relax, while we’ll take care of the rest:

Personalized Estimate & Customized Rates

Personalized estimate of what your villa could earn & customized rates to meet market demand, for each Villa we care for.

Our main responsibility is to help you earn the best return on your real estate – by maximizing your rental yield.

To do this, we will carry out property appraisals and analyze the rental rates in the market. This will prevent you from charging inflated rates that reduce the appeal of your property among potential tenants.

We monitor the market conditions and offer you timely advice on raising and lowering rental rates.

Handling your rental income

Control the payments and chase any arrears

Our company will ensure that an efficient system will be checking for the owners to be paid on time, in each different booking. If the tenant/agency is late on payments we will follow up to ensure your rental income isn’t unnecessarily delayed.

Screening suitable tenants..

by recognizing the good deals & back 2 back bookings

As specialists in the industry, we have the resources to find you high-quality individuals as well as agencies with high-end clientele who both respect your property.


Working in both the tourism and real estateindustry we have built a vast network ofassociates, agencies, and individuals, already.

Handling the operations

Our dedicated team constantly inspects your property on a regular basis and keeps you up-to-date with inspection reports.

These can help you identify any upcoming short-term repairs and long-term capital expensesthat need to be addressed.

Property maintenance

Inspections and regular maintenance

Part of owning an investment property involves ongoing property maintenance and repairs to ensure that your property is in tip-top shape and your tenants are happy.

Furthermore, we will not only maintain efficient communication with your tenant to make sure they’re on top of these issues but also liaise with a network of trusted technicians to ensure you’re getting the most competitive price if needed.


Being organized is key to staying ahead in all your property affairs.

This can take a great chunk of your time, but MYKONOS AGENDA  documents all the information relevant to your rental property for you.

This includes record-keeping, maintaining leasing agreements, postage, handing over the key to tenants, and preparing annual statements.


Most importantly we maintain efficient communication and are responsive to both tenants’ and owners’ requests.

Likewise, MYKONOS AGENDA works alongside property owners’ expectations.
Ultimately, we understand the degree to which a property owner would like us to be proactive and make decisions on your behalf.

peerless services for High-End Villas


MYKONOS AGENDA  as a strategic partner of Mykonos Island Properties Luxury Real Estate,
aside from managing luxury homes, offers other ways in which you can partner with & benefit.

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Purchase or Sell a Luxury Villa

If you’re interested in purchasing or selling a luxury Villa, our real estate agents can provide you with a comprehensive proposal along with detailed information to assist you to make an informed decision.

The Mykonos Properties Real Estate with many years of experience & through top-rated connections can help you secure a deal with total peace of mind. Furthermore, our access to Mykonos Luxury Listings for sale provides us an exclusive look into the most lavish properties with attractive views, high-end amenities, and much more.

Whether you intend to purchase a luxury villa for vacations or as an investment property, we guarantee that we will offer a five-star experience in the real estate transaction from end to end.

Your trusted Villa Rental management partner

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